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Wireless Pricing





Wireless Internet Connectivity up to and beyond T1 speeds

Our access packages start at $38.00 per month for 64kb and up to $369 per month for 1200kb with a basic installation* charge of $199.00.
Our basic installation charge includes the actual installation and setup of the equipment as well!** Installation charges may vary depending on what equipment*** you need.


Consulting to help you develop a fully functional Wireless LAN

  • Add workstations without additional wiring
  • Implement solutions in hours
  • LAN mobility within your company's network
  • Save time and money with proven wireless solutions

Building to Building and Point to Point connectivity solutions to eliminate those monthly fiber and T1 connections

  • Save money by eliminating monthly telco point to point costs
  • Create a wireless bridge between your buildings (up to 20 miles)
  • Place all your remote locations on your internal LAN
  • Speeds from 11mbps to 45mbps
  • Tie your seperate offices together on one network
  • Develop a true WAN without recurring expenses





*Radio card, adaptor card, adaptor cable, 80' low loss cable, mounting hardware, and 19db grid antenna
**Requires a 12 month signed contract. Early termination charges will apply.
*** Proxy Server, fire wall, extending pole, Network and amplifier not included


This Months Special
one free month of service with 1year sign-up